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Friday, March 13, 2015

Five Things Friday - Checking In!

I have been NOT good about keeping up with progress on the blog lately.  Don't know whether the snow and ice have gotten me in a bit of a funk, empty space between races has left me less than inspired, or something else.  I've got some things planned to get me into blogging with some sort of regularity, but, until then, I wanted to check in with a Five Things Friday!  Specifically, I wanted to check in regarding some of my recent and continuing goals.

1.  With only 50 days until the Pittsburgh Marathon, I'm hesitant about whether that will be the race that sees me break the 5 hour barrier, but I'm proud to say that I've kept the proper pace (11:27 per mile) I'd need for sub-5 in some of my long training runs.  Even if I don't break 5, I feel pretty hopeful that Pittsburgh will see me PR!

2. For the last month, I've practiced yoga at least once a week at South Hills Power Yoga, and enjoyed spinning weekly at Club Cycle.  If there is one good thing about this brutal Winter driving me indoors, it is that I'm enjoying more consistency in my cross-training!

3. I don't know how much I've been cooking actual recipes, but I'm proud to say I've almost entirely cut out fast food and food court food on the way to/from work and on lunch breaks!  An occasional visit to Noodles and Company is now my only trip to the food court, and at least that is real food!  More often, I make a salad, leftovers, or something so much healthier and tastier than the alternative.

Photo from

4. I finally decided (with only 2 weeks until the race!) that my Spring half marathon will be Run the Bluegrass in Lexington, KY.  I've heard nothing but great things about this race, which looks like an absolutely gorgeous course.  Plus, I've been so impressed by the race director's communication with runners on Twitter and Facebook.  Looking forward to this new-to-me race!

5. After having to defer last year, I am now officially registered for the 2015 Marine Corps Marathon!  My 2014 deferment allowed me guaranteed entry this year, but lottery registration opened today for others who are interested.  Act fast though, because the lottery is only open until March 23.  Excited to participate in my first ever Fall Marathon in one of my favorite cities on Earth!  (Also, DC is where I earned my current Half PR!)

Photo from Marine Corps Marathon Facebook page

How have everyone else's goals been progressing?  Hope you all are enjoying the Spring thaw and looking forward to upcoming adventures!

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